What We Do

Information/Referral: We can answer questions about the legal rights of persons with disabilities, and services they may be entitled to. We can also explain where to apply for disability services or how to get more information.

Client Advocacy: People with disabilities may be denied services or discriminated against; their rights may be violated; they may be subject to abuse or neglect. We can negotiate on an individual’s behalf to resolve these problems, or support their own self-advocacy efforts. In some cases, we can represent persons with disabilities in a hearing or in court.

Systemic Advocacy: Some problems affect large numbers of people with disabilities, and can best be resolved through changes in funding, policies, regulations, or law. ODLC works with state agencies and the state legislature, or takes legal action, to improve and expand disability services or legal rights.

Training: We provide workshops and presentations on legal rights issues, and on how to obtain benefits or services.

Investigation and Monitoring: As the federally-mandated Protection & Advocacy (P&A) service for Oklahoma, we have access to facilities to conduct investigations, provide information and training, and monitor compliance with rights and safety. Facilities can include hospitals, community living arrangements, board and care homes, juvenile detention facilities, jails, prisons, schools, and more.

We also have authority to access records, including intake, treatment and discharge records and reports. In the case of abuse, neglect or death, ODLC can access records prepared by investigatory authorities.