Help America Vote

Oklahoma Disability Law Center, Inc. (ODLC) is the Protection and Advocacy for Voting Access (PAVA) program for Oklahoma and was created by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).

HAVA is a federal law passed by Congress in 2002 to improve our country’s election system. HAVA’s main goal is to make the voting process more inclusive and accessible so that more Americans will become registered voters and participate in elections.

The PAVA program seeks to ensure that individuals with disabilities have full participation in the electoral process through voter education regarding registering to vote, casting a vote and accessing the polling sites.

Voting Resources

Visit the Link to Oklahoma State Election Board website for voting resources and answers to frequently asked questions about voting in Oklahoma.

The U.S. Department of Justice complied a 25 page technical assistance publication,  link to ADA Checklist for Polling Places, on polling place accessibility for voters with disabilities.  The publication includes information about key areas of a facility that must be accessible to voters with mobility or vision disabilities, options for low-cost temporary measures for removing barriers, and a survey to guide election officials in evaluating the accessibility of  facilities used or being considered for use as polling places.

Download link to A-Guide-to-the-Voting-Rights-of-People-with-Mental-Disabilities 

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Get polling place and ballot information quickly and easily at link to   Simply enter your address and get up to date, personalized information on upcoming elections, voter registration deadlines, sample ballots and more!


Vote as if your life depends on it, because it does! -Justin Dart