OKLegalConnect.org is here!

OKLegalConnect.org is here!

Oklahoma Disability Law Center has partnered with Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Indian Legal Services to bring you OKLegalConnect.org.

OKLegalConnect.org is a simple way to find free or low cost legal help for those who qualify.

Each partner organization has specific eligibility criteria and may have restrictions on what type of legal issues they are able to handle, this one-stop solution matches your legal issue with the right service, in the right place, at the right price.

Whether you’re facing discrimination, special education issues, guardianship issues, eviction or foreclosure, divorce, child support or visitation rights, or other legal problems, the help you need is just a few clicks away.

Start by going to OKLegalConnect.org and answering a few confidential questions:

The OKLegalConnect.org interview provides an initial screening for legal help based on common basic eligibility requirements.
We will try to match you with the best low or no-cost legal fee organization that might take your case or give you legal advice.
These free or low-cost providers in Oklahoma are a part of this service:
• Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma
• Oklahoma Indian Legal Services
• Oklahoma Disability Law Center
Other organizations in Oklahoma provide free or low-cost legal help.
We will also give you information to contact them.

Link to oklegalconnect.org